Wakonda State Park

Several lakes and the sand prairie habitat at Wakonda State Park north of Hannibal, Missouri, provide habitat for an interesting summer visit to search for insects.

Agate Lake

Sand Prairie Trail and Agate Trail intersection

Sand Prairie Trail

Quartz Lake

Insects at Wakonda

The absolute highlight of our early July visits has been watching the Sand Wasps (Bembicini) digging burrows. Sand Wasp, Bembicini

This attractive Robber Fly (Proctacanthus hinei) was rapidly moving from one spot to another along the Sand Prairie Trail. Robber Fly, Proctacanthus hinei

This Summer Azure (Celastrina neglecta) was puddling in the sand at water's edge at Quartz Lake. Summer Azure, Celastrina neglecta



updated 8 December 2011