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termites or ants?

Both termites and ants have wings when forming new colonies. Learn to tell them apart with this easy tutorial on identifying termites and ants.



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Most Recent Review:
Peeper, First Voice of Spring. (Robert M. McClung, 1977)



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New item available growth charts!
A ruler printed on fabric
decorated with either
butterflies or dragonflies.
Use a Sharpie to preserve a permanent record of your child's or grandchild's height. More info. . .

portion of growth chart decorated with butterflies



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Insect Identification - Orders

Insect Identification - Orders

By Donna Brunet in Insect Identification

28 pages, published 9/16/2012

Close-up photographs of insects illustrate key field marks. The text enables anyone to identify most insects observed in natural areas and yards to insect order. This booklet is a great resource for homeschoolers or parents promoting outdoor activities. Adults who enjoy outdoor activities such as hiking and birding can enhance their experiences by insect watching.Orders included are: mayflies, dragonflies and damselflies, walkingsticks,…
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Odonata CentralRed-humped Caterpillars, Schizura concinna
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American Lady (Vanessa cardui) photographs

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Watching Insects Blog
consists of a list of identified insects during photographic outings; for a write-up of highlights see recent images

Charles Nilon, Professor, Dept. of Fisheries and Wildlife Sciences, University of Missouri - Columbia
Life After Graduate School StreetStrider elliptical tricycle parked on lake shore with sky as background

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