Day Off

April 27th, 2012

A cloudy, cool day (especially compared to the last couple of days which felt like summer) and a forecast for thunderstorms is making it easier to take a needed day off. Yesterday, my left knee hurt during my ride. I hurt my knee in December and am still struggling for a complete recovery. My doctor, who specializes in sports injuries, has cleared me for any activity, figuring it might just slow down my recovery but not prevent it. My knee isn't hurting this morning, and I coasted easily through the physical therapy exercises he's having me do.

The parking brakes on my StreetStrider aren't working and I'd like my rear brake to be a bit tighter. The rear brake works fine, I just prefer my rear brake to lock up before the lever travels almost all the way to the grip. So I think I'll take the day to do a bit of maintenance.

Ride #5

April 26th, 2012

I'm getting much more comfortable on my StreetStrider with every ride. I'm still using the brake to keep my speed under control downhill, but I'm going a bit faster. I also rode farther today. Still having U-turn problems, but I'm not having any trouble with turns on the curvy trail I'm riding on.

StreetStrider still occasionally making creaking noises. I sprayed WD-40 on the underside of the left foot platform attachment points again today. Less noise than yesterday, so that's an improvement. I'll use more WD-40 before my next ride.

I stopped at the pond I've been passing by - Common Whitetails, and unidentified Bluet, and an unidentified spreadwing damselfly. I needed my camera for a close-up view of the damselflies.

I used my phone for a few images of the StreetStrider.

photo of yellow StreetStrider Summit 8r on shore of small pond with trees in the background

yellow StreetStrider parked on shore of several acre lake, taken low with sky as background

Using the StreetStrider is definitely the hardest workout I've done in years. My HR monitor recorded 250 - 390 calories during each ride. Those aren't really perfect calorie counts because some days I paused the monitor when I stopped to rest and didn't remember to start it again when I got on the trike. My HR isn't quite getting as high as on the first couple of rides. I'm either already adapting to the new exercise type or, perhaps, part of the high HR at teh beginning was stress associated with feeling I was going to let the trike drift off of the paved trail.

Ride #4

April 25th, 2012

My confidence on the StreetStrider is definitely improving. I'm probably just over 1 hour of actual riding time if all of my resting time on the trail is subtracted. I'm not as tired when I stop for a rest break, but I'm still stopping at the same intervals. Probably because I'm stopping at obvious landmarks - parking lot, next street, etc.

I identified several butterflies while riding yesterday - a Common Buckeye, Great Spangled Fritillary, and Orange Sulphur. I also managed to steer around several beetles crossing the trail ahead of me.

Source of Noise Discovered?

April 25th, 2012

Edit: The detail below evidently isn't a problem. I talked to tech support who checked a few StreetStriders and said that my description fit almost half of the trikes checked. While I was on the phone, Dave Kraus walked into the room allowing Jake at tech support to discuss the problem with him. He suspected the bolts on the underside of the left foot platform were rubbing against the metal slot. He suggested I spray a bit of WD-40 or something similar onto the bolts. I tried this before my ride on April 25th - the noise didn't disappear, but was noticeably less frequent. I'm going to try more WD-40 before I ride again. Hopefully, the noise will completely disappear.

Today the noise started as soon as I started riding, seemed louder and more constant. I thought it was the foot platform and then I stopped to try to shake it. When I did, I noticed that there was quite a bit of side-to-side play in the entire left strider pole / foot platform. Much more than I could move the right strider pole / foot platform.I took a close look at the pivot joint and think the strider pole wasn't properly attached to the cross bar at the factory. The 2 close-up photos show that the black flange on the left pivot joint is not flush against the cross bar like the flange on the right pivot joint.

View of head tube, cross bar and pivot joints from the front:

View of right side (right side when on the StreetStrider):
The black flange is right up against the cross bar. It looks like the gap between the frame pieces might be a bit larger on the right side, but the noise doesn't seem to be coming from that side.

View of left side:
The black flange is almost 1/8" from the cross bar.

Ride #3

April 23rd, 2012

With the return of the sun today, I ventured out onto the trail for my third ride on my StreetStrider. I'm becoming a bit more confident on it - I went both down and up a fairly long hill today. I used my brakes more than I pedaled on the way down and had to stop for a rest halfway up, but I made it. After I was at the bottom of the hill I was initially afraid that when I was ready to return to my car I'd have to push the StreetStrider back up.

Same weird noise, though. It sounds like someone riding an old creaky bike. I absolutely can't tolerate it making this noise but I'm not sure if it is a mechanical problem or my pedaling. It somewhat comes and goes and I'm thinking it may be from an uneven pedaling motion, but I'm not really sure how I could cause that. Also, it seems to only happen on the down stroke on the left.

At the end of my ride, I checked my heart rate monitor. My heart rate monitor ran for about 50 minutes, but I know I spent at least half or more of that time resting off of the trike at various points along the trail. And I still burned 380 calories!

Thought I'd pass along an idea. My husband said to make sure that I never forget to attach the post that attaches the StreetStrider to the hitch rack. When he said that, I realized that it would be easily possible if the post was sitting on the floor in the back seat. So now I always hang the post on my steering wheel while riding the bike.

post hanging on steering wheel