Category: Exercise

StreetStrider - Return to Striding

September 24th, 2012
Swimming in the outdoor pool pulled me away from my strider during the summer, but now that it's cooler, I've returned to striding. I've ridden twice this week. Originally, I was afraid that I'd be back where I started last spring - able to ride only a… more »

Calorie Burn

May 28th, 2012
I'm still riding several times a week. Twice I've made it up steep hills without any rest break but I still usually take a short break of less than 1 minute. Recently I've been able to be in gear 2 or 3 at the base of the hill where it isn't as steep in… more »

Rides 11 -12

May 8th, 2012
According to my heart rate monitor, I burned 862 calories on April 5th and 847 calories today. I've lost a pound since I bought the StreetStrider. Doesn't sound like much, but according to my Lose It! food diary app, I typically eat enough so that I'm g… more »

Rides 7 - 10

May 4th, 2012
Between April 30th and May 4th I burned 2327 calories on 4 rides with my StreetStrider. I'm still taking rest breaks, but now I can ride at least a mile before stopping. And my rest breaks are shorter. I've been able to increase my calories burned by ta… more »

Ride #6

April 28th, 2012
Before heading out to ride, I sprayed WD-40 on the underside of the left foot platform once again. Slowly the noise is continuing to disappear, although it still happens occasionally. Today I still went back and forth on the flat portion of the trail… more »